Royal Sequence Series of CDs Series for Royal Conservatory of Music Examination  
Royal Sequence Series of CDs - supplement to the Royal Conservatory Violin Repertoire books Supplement to the Royal Conservatory Violin Repertoire books

Testimonials About Royal Sequence

Tatiana Kostour a wonderful role model

Ana-Lavinia Vlad

My son is finishing Suzuki book 2 and he is quite tired of it so I wanted to enrich his playing with more beautiful music. He also plays piano and really likes the Celebrate Piano series published by RCM, so I was glad there was a similar series available for violin. I have ordered books and CDs for grade 3 and up thinking he is in third grade of his violin playing, but upon reviewing them I see that the beginner level may not be for absolute beginners and that he may benefit and enjoy playing earlier levels. Tatiana, the music is played and recorded very beautifully. When we received the CDs and I played one of them, my children who were just playing or reading in the room commented: "This is nice music. I like it".

Maya, mother of Suzuki violin student.

I use the Royal Sequence CDs extensively in my studio. Much of this lovely student repertoire has not been recorded before and it is such a pleasure to hear such fine, sensitive performances of these works by violinist Tatiana Kostour and her various piano partners. These CDs are a much-needed supplement to the Conservatory Violin Repertoire books. Violin students can now familiarize themselves with the piano parts to their pieces and listen to the CDs for additional musical inspiration and ideas. Many of my students will buy the CD at the next grade level up, listen to it, and come to me with a wish list of pieces they would like to learn. While the tempos, dynamics and articulation in these performances adhere closely to the markings in the score, there is a wonderful musicality in Ms.Kostour's violin playing that adds to the appeal of these CDs.

Julia Dikson, Violinist, K-W Symphony

My daughter has only started using Royal Sequence CD's this year and it is amazing to see what progresses she has made and how fast. Even she was playing violin before for four years, now she is performing with ease and confidence. She says the CD's really helped her because she played with the piano that made her understand the rhythms better. The violin and piano performances of the pieces also helped her because once she heard the song it was easier to play. So she learns songs very fast because of it.

Now my daughter just started grade six violin music school and we are waiting for the next level 6 CD, something is missing without it. Beside all of these Tatiana is so enthusiastic and loves to teach as much as she loved to make this project a reality.

Corina, mother of a student

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