Royal Sequence Series of CDs Series for Royal Conservatory of Music Examination  
Royal Sequence Series of CDs - supplement to the Royal Conservatory Violin Repertoire books Supplement to the Royal Conservatory Violin Repertoire books

Music Lessons in Kitchener Waterloo

Royal Sequence is offering:

  • Violin lessons for all levels
    From Introductory to ARCT of Royal Conservatory of Music

  • Music theory courses
    From Introductory to Grade 2 theory of music

  • Piano lessons
    From introductory piano to RCM Gr.5 piano

  • Tatiana Kostour is very well known in the Kitchener-Waterloo area as an excellent violin and piano teacher. Her students are always receiving the highest marks at the Kiwanis Music Festivals and some are scholarship winners. The hard working students of Tatiana are achievers of over 80% and 90% marks on RCM exams in violin, piano, and theory. They are Silver Medal receivers from the Royal Conservatory of Music for Violin Exams. Kostour’s students are winners in the Provincial Kiwanis Music Festivals (Ontario) and 2nd price receivers in the final 3rd round of the National Canadian Music Competition in violin class. Graduates of Ms. Kostour’s class are winners of large scholarships from the K-W Youth Symphony Orchestra and Canadian Universities to study music.

    Ms. Kostour’s interpretation of music always stands out. Through very detailed work on the techniques of playing violin and piano, she brings to our youth richness in creative expressions. Her love and passion for music, with her high music education, she is able to connect to her student’s minds and their most profound emotions. She strongly believes that music without a heart is not music, but a mere combination of sounds.

    Students who would like to learn playing violin, piano or theory of music, and would like to take Royal Conservatory of Music Exams and ready to practice to perfect their techniques welcome to contact Royal Sequence by e-mail or by phone.

    Also Royal Sequence produced 6 progressive Violin CD's for students to listen to pieces of music that they learn. There are Introductory Level-Royal Sequence to Grade 5-Royal Sequence CD's. Welcome to see a repertoire on each CD by visiting…

    - Introductory Level Violin CD
    - Level 1 Violin CD for Violin exam
    - Level 2 Violin CD for Violin exam
    - Level 3 Violin CD for Violin exam
    - Level 4 Violin CD for Violin exam
    - Level 5 Violin CD for Violin exam

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